Finals Preview CBL30 – FOR THE CUP

Matchup: Eagles vs Blazers 

Date: Sunday May 13, 2018

Time: 7:35 pm

Location: Queens High School of Teaching

Tag Line: For The 14th Season Chip

When the season started, there was many teams thrown out for the finals. Ghuraba, Sok, Halal Bros, Imaan! However, here we are today with 2 teams a lot of people had left for the dead. Credit these 2 teams and their captains (good job Jean and Tayeb!) for getting through adversity and stomping their way to the finals.

The Blazers were the same team as last year plus one major addition in Ryan. He is a young quick athletic guard who in a nightmare in transition and gets anywhere he wants to on the court. However, the person who runs the team is none other than mvp candidate Jerry. To be it simply, the man is MONSTER in terms of his all around game. He has no quicknesses (except his hamstring which seems to bother him on occasion). The rest of the team fills in nicely with big men blog and anson. The other guys all know their role and play it well.

Eagles are led on the other side by their mvp candidate Azal. This man plays the basketball game the right, never taking plays off and giving a 100% effort all the time. He’s a joy to watch. His running partner is sharpshooter Adam. Adam can heat up quicker than probably anyone in the league. Before you know it, he has shot you into a 15 point deficit. And to fill out their big 3 is Thomas also known in the league as Charles Barkley. Why you ask? Watch him run over anything and anyone who stands in his way and you will understand. The rest of the team is filled out with great role players in Qasim (severely underrated), Tayeb, Ameen, and Edrees (great job getting away with this one captain Tayeb)!

In a matchup like this, the game should be extremely close. But the eagles have one thing the blazers don’t : As iron Man said, “we have a Barkley.” Thomas should have a field day down low as the only person on the Blazers able to contain him (Jerry) will be on the outside guarding Azal or Adam. That will be the difference.

Score Prediction

Eagles 75, Blazers 71 OT

Thank You All for a Great Season.

Enjoy The Ramadan Break





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